How to Find Cheap Travel Insurance For Backpackers – Travel Backpacker

Backpackers tend to spend a lot of time at remote places, train stations and bus terminals. There are times they may face a greater risk of illness, injury or even robberies.It would therefore be prudent to buy backpackers travel insurance before leaving for your backpacking holiday. Travel insurance for backpackers is designed specifically for the needs of backpackers, generally offering travel insurance for holiday periods ranging from one week to two years.To find cheap travel insurance for backpackers, be sure that the package you choose eventually provides cover for the following events:
Rescue and Repatriation to cover any cost you may incur if you require the use of an air ambulance or helicopter rescue.
Emergency Medical Cover to cover the cost of any event that needs urgent medical attention.
Holiday Cancellation to cover any costs that you may incur if your holiday has to be cancelled through no fault of yours, such as bad weather or airline strikes.
Baggage and Possessions Cover to reimburse you, subject to a cap, in case your travel documents, baggage and valuables are lost or stolen.
If you intend to go backpacking several times a year, buy the annual-multiple plan. This allows you to backpack two, three, sometimes even more times a year and the insurance will cover it, as long as you travel within the period of cover. Buying one insurance policy a year to cover multiple trips will save you at least ten percent.Look out for plans that throw in extras such as seven days’ complimentary coverage for winter sports. Backpackers love the flexibility of being able to change their travel itinerary as and when they like. They may feel like making an unplanned stopover and spend a few days skiing. Having an insurance plan that gives you this flexibility will save you money and still allow you to enjoy one extra activity while being insured.