How to Plan Your Travel in a Recession, Part 1 – Travel Backpacker

Planning is importantTo ensure your travel is within your budget, you have to plan ahead. Especially in this period of time.
But where to start?
Planning a trip is like doing a business plan, just not so stressful.
First and foremost, What is your objective to travel?I need an objective to travel? What next? A mission statement??
Don’t freak out please…You do need an objective so that you could choose the location and the way of travel that best suite your budget.For example,
When I traveled to Hong Kong in 2007, that was my graduation trip. So my only objective that time is to fly as far as possible by taking a budget airline within my budget.My budget at that time is RM1500 for the whole trip, only RM600 is allocated for air flights. (1 US dollar = RM 3.8 at that time). The flight cost me RM540.
If I did not have my objective, I would not know where to go or how much to spend on it. That’s the power of an objective.Need another example?How bout my next destination of trip. Taipei.
This time the objective is simple, I wanted to try eat the famous snacks in Taipei and I wanted to celebrate the new year in another country (that’s my girlfriend’s objective). All within the budget of SGD4000.
So, our objective help us to choose a location, the time to go and also how much to spend on certain items. We already spend SGD 2000 on flight and accommodation. How to come up with your objectiveFirst, look for something you are passionate about.
If you like to take picture of the nature, you could just set your objective to take some picture of sunset by the beach.Second, state your budget.
Look at your account book, then determine the number you want to spend on the travel.That’s it, now you have an objective.
“I want to take some pictures of sunset by the beach with a budget of SGD1000″My next article would tell on how to choose your destination and transportation within your budget.